UCalgary’s One-Stop Shop Completed in the fall of 1965, and modelled after a similar building on the University of Alberta campus, the lower level of this mystery location has morphed from office space to a hub that accommodated the needs of international athletes who participated in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. After the Games, the lower space was reorganized to better serve UCalgary students, providing different services, some of which are...(read more).

Eyes on the Future In 2016, the University of Calgary will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over the past five decades, its main campus has grown from two buildings that housed four faculties to a community all its own made up of more than 50 buildings, 14 faculties and an annual population of more than 30,000 students...(read more).

Behind the Stacks In the mid-’70s, a generous man made a substantial donation to build a study area for students interested in learning about some of the planet’s deepest, darkest secrets. Matched by the province of Alberta, his financial contribution helped build a first-of-its-kind space, still heavily used by students today...(read more).

Who's Doing the Heavy Lifting? At some point, we all get sick. When the pain and suffering brought forth by illness becomes too much to handle, it is best to visit people who can help alleviate that distress. Those people can be found here...(read more).